6 Jul 2021

Sthe & Nomhle

We belief that every wedding has it's own character. A character that makes it so different from any other wedding. This was especially true with Sthe & Nomhle's wedding. They both looked so beautiful. It was such an honour to capture this beautiful wedding at Kleinkaap Hotel. We wish you a beautiful marriage. May you grow closer every

5 Jul 2021

Jacques & Isabel

What a beautiful wedding!! This stunning wedding was held at Florence Wedding Venue. These two are such a perfect pair. The moody, rainy weather made the day feel even more intimate and romantic. We hope your marriage continues to grow in beauty and that your love for one another will never change. Thank you for choosing us to capture such a beautiful

23 Jun 2021

Espe & Juane

This stunning wedding was held at Natte Valleji. The weather was perfect. Everything seemed to focus on the beautiful marriage taking place - the marriage of Espe & Juane. Thank you for allowing us to capture such an incredible day. You both truely looked stunning. You couldn't have picked a more beautiful day to get married. We hope that your marriage continues to grow in love. We wish you a beautiful lifetime

22 Jun 2021

Carl & Angeline

This beautiful wedding was held at Lalula Lodge and Wedding Venue. Carl & Angeline both beamed with excitement on the day. Angeline looked absolutely stunning, and Carl looked very husband in his suit. We want to congratulate you again on your beautiful marriage. May you grow closer ever

8 Jun 2021

Hendre & Anike

These two had a beautiful wedding at the stunning Mountain View Game Ranch. Love is almost impossible to put into words, so let's put it this way - May the way you love one another now be the firm foundation on which you build your marriage and may you only grow to love one another more and more every day. Thank you for choosing us to capture your amazing

8 Jun 2021

Walter & Lara

We cherish each and every wedding we do. They are diverse, different and always surprising, bursting with anticipation. Never has this been more true than when it is two of your own! Towards the beginning of this year we had the immense pleasure of capturing the memorable day of Walter & Lara. They both form part of team Bravo & Thatcher and it was such a joy (and pleasure) to capture these two's magical day!

7 Jun 2021

Divan & Johanei

This beautiful wedding was held at "Die Woud". This wedding transported you into a true love story. Situated in the beautiful Cape mountains, Divan & Johanei declared their love to one another and became one. We wish you a lifetime of blessings. A beautiful journey filled with endless laughter and unconditional

23 Mar 2021

Kyle & Lize

Their love story will be their greatest adventure. Kyle and Lize's wedding was the picture of beauty. The love could be seen in their eyes every time they looked at each other. They reminded us why we do what we do. Being able to capture a couple's most special day is such an honor. May you enjoy every day together for the rest of your lives Kyle &