29 Feb 2016


Roelof&Ananja | 2015-11-07 | Secret Place Roelof&Ananja - Short Film There was smiles, laughter, detail and grace on 7 November at Secret Place. Roelof&Ananja was a real jol to say the least, with a day so full of love and laughter how can one not want to relive that special day. Everyone one carries a story, even across some pebbles into a river. A Bravo&Thatcher

24 Feb 2016


Kieren&Farrah | 2015-10-24 | Oakfield Farm Kieren&Farrah - Short Film Kieren&Farrah is the best example of how one can throw a epic wedding together in the shortest of times. With family and friends all helping out the two's day was filled with special and memorable fingerprints. First came the storm and then the most epic of sunsets. Everyone carries a story, woza Kieren&Farrah! A Bravo&Thatcher