30 Jun 2015


Arno&Shirleen | 2015-04-18 | Oakfield Farm Arno&Shirleen - Short Film True love is all around! Don't miss this film of a stunning couple starting the rest of their lives together. A Bravo&Thatcher

25 Jun 2015


Chris&Jessica | 2015-04-25 | Cradock Chris&Jessica - Sneak Peek These two tied the knot in style as well as celebrating an old family tradition by getting married in Cradock at the old church. Don't miss this teaser! A Bravo&Thatcher

8 Jun 2015


Merv&Nadia | 2015-04-11 | Dunkeld Country Estate, Dullstroom Merv&Nadia - Sneak Peek Crazy, wacky, fun and very in love - a few words that describes Merv&Nadia! A Bravo&Thatcher Production Merv&Nadia - Short Film The words, wacky, impulsive, fun and wild is synonymous with this couple and if they take life on in this way, what great life is waiting! A Bravo&Thatcher

1 Jun 2015


Warren&Janine | 2015-04-11 | The Stone Cellar, Heidelberg Warren&Janine - Sneak Peek An exquisite day and a fun couple! This is a teaser not to be missed! Congrats guys! A Bravo&Thatcher Production Warren&Janine - Short Film These two tied the knot having a lot of fun all the way along! A Bravo&Thatcher