20 Dec 2014


Ian&Angela | 2014-11-11 | Florence Guest Farm Ian&Angela - Short Film The rain added to the magic and beauty of Ian&Angela's wedding day. Congratulations guys! A Bravo&Thatcher

17 Dec 2014


Eric&Lynette | 2014-11-01 | Red Ivory Eric&Lynette - Sneak Peek What a gorgeous couple and fun day! Congratulations guys! A Bravo&Thatcher Production Eric&Lynette - Short Film This gorgeous couple tied the knot at Red Ivory Lodge and it was a day to remember! A Bravo&Thatcher

17 Dec 2014


Kevin&Jeanne | 2014-10-25 | Memoire Kevin&Jeanne - Sneak Peek Tying the knot at the beautiful Memoire wedding venue, Kevin&Jeanne did so with style. Enjoy this fun teaser! A Bravo&Thatcher Production Kevin&Jeanne - Short Film Kevin&Jeanne tied the knot on 25 October 21014 and what a fun and gorgeous day it was! A Bravo&Thatcher

10 Dec 2014


Aubrey&Melanie | 2014-10-08 | Imperfect Perfection Aubrey&Melanie - Sneak Peek Set at an enchanting venue, Imperfect Perfection, Aubrey and Melanie started the first chapter of their new and exciting life together and what a beautiful and magical start! A Bravo&Thatcher Production Aubrey&Melanie - Short Film A beautiful couple, an exquisite day and the beginning of an exciting journey! Congratulations Aubrey and Melanie! A Bravo&Thatcher

10 Dec 2014


Hugo&Cindy | 2014-10-11 | Glenburn Lodge Hugo&Cindy - Sneak Peek Hugo&Cindy shared their beautiful day with lots of family, friends and laughter all around! A Bravo&Thatcher Production Hugo&Cindy - Short Film Hugo&Cindy tied the knot on 10 October 2014 and what an exquisite day! Congratulations guys! A Bravo&Thatcher

10 Dec 2014


Heinrich&Annolet | 2014-10-11 | L'Aquilla Heinrich&Annolet - Sneak Peek Heinrich&Annolet tied the knot on the 11th of October 2014 at the beautiful L'aquila and did so in style! Congratulations guys! A Bravo&Thatcher Production Heinrich&Annolet - Short Film Enjoy the short film of this beautiful day. Congratulations Heinrich&Annolet you guys rock! A Bravo&Thatcher

10 Dec 2014


Marius&Laurika | 2014-10-10 | Die Akker Marius&Laurika - Sneak Peek Enjoy this fun teaser of such a cool couple! Congratulations Marius&Laurika! A Bravo&Thatcher Production Marius&Laurika - Short Film We loved sharing the day with Marius and Laurika! Lots of fun and downright cool people! Congratulations guys. A Bravo&Thatcher