27 Mar 2014


Stephan&Corlia | 2014-01-12 | Haenertsburg Stephan&Corlia - Sneak Peek Quirky, quaint and magical is what describes this day! A Bravo&Thatcher Production Stephan&Corlia - Short Film One of the most enchanting couples in a setting fit for a scene from Brigadoon. What an incredible wedding this was! A Bravo&Thatcher

7 Mar 2014


Nico&Chanel | 2013-12-07 | Kutaba Lodge Nico&Chanel - Sneak Peek So this is what a fun, wacky and absolutely gorgeous day looks like! Congrats Nico&Chanel! A Bravo&Thatcher Production Nico&Chanel - Short Film A beautiful film of a very enchanting couple. A Bravo&Thatcher

4 Mar 2014


Jannie&Marlize | 2013-12-14 | Lezar Opstal Jannie&Marlize - Sneak Peek This couple is exquisite - don't miss the short film. Congrats Jannie & Marlize! A Bravo&Thatcher Production Jannie&Marlize - Short Film The setting, the decor and the surroundings were only part of the magic and mystery of this day. Filled with fun and friends, laughter and chatter, Jannie and Marlize shared a beautiful day together! A Bravo&Thatcher