18 Mar 2016


Fanie&Melissa | 2015-12-05 | Palala Boutique Game Lodge & Spa Fanie&Melissa - Short Film What a day, sunset and setting! Fanie and Melissa tied the knot at the amazing Palala Boutique Game Lodge & Spa bordering with Botswana at the Limpopo river. With abundance of style, a storm and sunset to remember these two danced away into the night. Everyone carries a story! A Bravo&Thatcher Production Fanie&Melissa - The Slo Mo Booth Check out the

11 Sep 2012


Tertius&Melissa | 2012-07-14 | Oakfield Farm Tertius&Melissa - Sneak Peek Sneak Peek into the wack, the tears and the laughter the day these two got hitched! Shot at the beautiful Oakfield Farm. Tertius&Melissa - Short Film A taste of the day Tertius & Melissa got married. Beautiful couple, Glorious day, Riveting Journey! A Bravo&Thatcher