Acorn Guest Farm | 28 March 2015

It would be a shame for us to make wedding videos and forget all about our lovely founders wedding as well.
Paul, Bravo&Thatcher’s MD, and his artistic wife Marijke tied the knot back in March 2015. Three years later and we finally have a video to show! These two got married on the authentic farmland of Acorn Guest Farm. Back then, it wasn’t even a formal wedding venue yet. These two are a creative dream. Their love for one another is imprinted in our company’s core. Their wedding has inspired much of our creativity over the years. By Paul finding his perfect companion in Marijke, they birthed the implementation of our Seasons packages. Who knew such a great love could transcend into the lives of others. We handle our clients with the love, care and attention that we see observed from Paul&Marijke. Together, they define Bravo&Thatcher.
Paul&Marijke, may your love grow with each changing season.

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