Bon Cap | 6 October 2018 |

The bewildering Corne&Lente tied the knot at the tranquil Bon Cap, Guestfarm and Wedding Venue. The elegant venue hosted these two lovely ladies beautifully. Our journey with Corne&Lente started with their E-Shoot, an engagement shoot that still remains one of our favourite. Since that intimate moment when we first got to meet these two, we have been completely captivated. Not only are they a beautiful couple, but they are the most open and accommodating couple we’ve come across. They made each member of our team feel as though we’ve known them for years. Corne&Lente, thank you for bringing us along on this whirlwind romance you two have. We are honoured to have gotten a behind-the-scenes glance at such an ethereal love. We wish you all the best, may you forever look at each other with a depth so intricately beautiful.

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