The Greenhouse Cafe | 24 November 2018 |

The vibrant Aphindile&Atlegang tied the knot at the eco-elegant, The Greenhouse Café. The venue’s modern, but minimalistic design makes for the perfect venue for a millennial couple. The bride&groom, were surrounded by love, family and many many friends. The bridal party and the couple were an absolute pleasure to film. Aphindile&Atlegang, you two are a balance-made-in-heaven. We are so glad you allowed us a peek into your lives and how your love for one another came about. We truly enjoyed your wedding day, and the moments we got to spend with you, both before and after the big day! We wish you all the best in the many, many years to come. May your love remain timeless. Congratulations Mr&Mrs Govusa!

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“I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest.” ― William Shakespeare

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