25 Nov 2014


Jason&Martie | 2014-10-03 | Magaliesburg Jason&Martie - Sneak Peek Jason&Martie is one of the most fun-filled, wacky and all over just great couples. It was a privilege sharing their wedding day and capturing the beautiful memories made. A Bravo&Thatcher Production Jason&Martie - Short Film Jason&Martie had one big party of a wedding! Crazy, beautiful and fun is what describes their special day. A Bravo&Thatcher

13 Nov 2014


Peter&Fouzia | 2014-09-27 | Magaliesburg Peter&Fouzia - Sneak Peek With a breathtaking view to crown their vows, Peter and Fouzia tied the knot on top of the Magaliesburg mountain and then flew off with a helicopter. A Bravo&Thatcher Production Peter&Fouzia - Short Film Peter&Fouzia tied the knot on top of the Magaliesburg mountain with an elaborate and beautiful wedding celebration. A Bravo&Thatcher

11 Nov 2014


Nathan&Daniella | 2014-09-13 | Florence Guest Farm Nathan&Daniella - Sneak Peek Besides for the fact that Chrissiesmeer is magical, this couple added to the charm and beauty. Nathan&Dani, you make every shot look good. A Bravo&Thatcher Production Nathan&Daniella - Short Film Tying the knot at Florence Guest Farm in Chrissiesmeer, Nathan&Daniella did so with poise, style and good percentage of coolness! What a beautiful and memorable wedding. A Bravo&Thatcher