20 Dec 2014


Ian&Angela | 2014-11-11 | Florence Guest Farm Ian&Angela - Short Film The rain added to the magic and beauty of Ian&Angela's wedding day. Congratulations guys! A Bravo&Thatcher

17 Dec 2014


Eric&Lynette | 2014-11-01 | Red Ivory Eric&Lynette - Sneak Peek What a gorgeous couple and fun day! Congratulations guys! A Bravo&Thatcher Production Eric&Lynette - Short Film This gorgeous couple tied the knot at Red Ivory Lodge and it was a day to remember! A Bravo&Thatcher

17 Dec 2014


Kevin&Jeanne | 2014-10-25 | Memoire Kevin&Jeanne - Sneak Peek Tying the knot at the beautiful Memoire wedding venue, Kevin&Jeanne did so with style. Enjoy this fun teaser! A Bravo&Thatcher Production Kevin&Jeanne - Short Film Kevin&Jeanne tied the knot on 25 October 21014 and what a fun and gorgeous day it was! A Bravo&Thatcher

10 Dec 2014


Aubrey&Melanie | 2014-10-08 | Imperfect Perfection Aubrey&Melanie - Sneak Peek Set at an enchanting venue, Imperfect Perfection, Aubrey and Melanie started the first chapter of their new and exciting life together and what a beautiful and magical start! A Bravo&Thatcher Production Aubrey&Melanie - Short Film A beautiful couple, an exquisite day and the beginning of an exciting journey! Congratulations Aubrey and Melanie! A Bravo&Thatcher

10 Dec 2014


Hugo&Cindy | 2014-10-11 | Glenburn Lodge Hugo&Cindy - Sneak Peek Hugo&Cindy shared their beautiful day with lots of family, friends and laughter all around! A Bravo&Thatcher Production Hugo&Cindy - Short Film Hugo&Cindy tied the knot on 10 October 2014 and what an exquisite day! Congratulations guys! A Bravo&Thatcher

10 Dec 2014


Heinrich&Annolet | 2014-10-11 | L'Aquilla Heinrich&Annolet - Sneak Peek Heinrich&Annolet tied the knot on the 11th of October 2014 at the beautiful L'aquila and did so in style! Congratulations guys! A Bravo&Thatcher Production Heinrich&Annolet - Short Film Enjoy the short film of this beautiful day. Congratulations Heinrich&Annolet you guys rock! A Bravo&Thatcher

10 Dec 2014


Marius&Laurika | 2014-10-10 | Die Akker Marius&Laurika - Sneak Peek Enjoy this fun teaser of such a cool couple! Congratulations Marius&Laurika! A Bravo&Thatcher Production Marius&Laurika - Short Film We loved sharing the day with Marius and Laurika! Lots of fun and downright cool people! Congratulations guys. A Bravo&Thatcher

25 Nov 2014


Jason&Martie | 2014-10-03 | Magaliesburg Jason&Martie - Sneak Peek Jason&Martie is one of the most fun-filled, wacky and all over just great couples. It was a privilege sharing their wedding day and capturing the beautiful memories made. A Bravo&Thatcher Production Jason&Martie - Short Film Jason&Martie had one big party of a wedding! Crazy, beautiful and fun is what describes their special day. A Bravo&Thatcher

13 Nov 2014


Peter&Fouzia | 2014-09-27 | Magaliesburg Peter&Fouzia - Sneak Peek With a breathtaking view to crown their vows, Peter and Fouzia tied the knot on top of the Magaliesburg mountain and then flew off with a helicopter. A Bravo&Thatcher Production Peter&Fouzia - Short Film Peter&Fouzia tied the knot on top of the Magaliesburg mountain with an elaborate and beautiful wedding celebration. A Bravo&Thatcher

11 Nov 2014


Nathan&Daniella | 2014-09-13 | Florence Guest Farm Nathan&Daniella - Sneak Peek Besides for the fact that Chrissiesmeer is magical, this couple added to the charm and beauty. Nathan&Dani, you make every shot look good. A Bravo&Thatcher Production Nathan&Daniella - Short Film Tying the knot at Florence Guest Farm in Chrissiesmeer, Nathan&Daniella did so with poise, style and good percentage of coolness! What a beautiful and memorable wedding. A Bravo&Thatcher

11 Oct 2014


Rastus&Cheryl | 2014-09-06 | Le Souvenir Rastus&Cheryl - Sneak Peek Rastus and Cheryl tied the knot on 6 September and what a gorgeous and fun wedding. Don't miss this sneak peek. A Bravo&Thatcher Production Rastus&Cheryl - Short Film Rastus&Cheryl was married at Le Souvenir in Klerksdorp and what a vivacious and stunning couple they are! A Bravo&Thatcher

11 Oct 2014


Wade&Estelle | 2014-08-30 | St.Fort Wian&Marguerite - Sneak Peek A beautiful Clarens wedding in the winter and an enchanting couple, ready to start their life together. Congratulations Wade&Estelle. A Bravo&Thatcher Production Wade&Estelle - Short Film Wade & Estelle was married in Clarens and what an enchanting couple and memorable day. A Bravo&Thatcher

14 Aug 2014


Wian&Marguerite | 2014-07-05 | Toadbury Hall Wian&Marguerite - Sneak Peek What a fun couple! Wian and Marguerite enjoyed every moment and what a beautiful pair! Filmed at the beautiful Toadbury Hall. A Bravo&Thatcher Production Wian&Marguerite - Short Film A beautiful couple and an enchanting venue! Congratulations Wian&Marguerite! A Bravo&Thatcher

5 Jul 2014


Louis&Anel | 2014-06-21 | Imperfect Perfection Louis&Anel - Sneak Peek Louis&Anel had the time of their life enjoying every second and looking as in love as ever! Shot at Imperfect Perfection adding to the magic of day and beautifully rounded off by the detailed and artistic touches Love&Grace added! A Bravo&Thatcher Production Louis&Anel - Short Film Louis&Anel tied the knot on 21 June 2014 at Imperfect Perfection. What a beautiful couple and enchanting day. A

2 Jul 2014


Jaco&Maryna | 2014-05-24 | Florence Guest Farm Jaco&Maryna - Sneak Peek One of the most fun couples we've had the privilege of sharing their special day with. A Bravo&Thatcher Production Jaco&Maryna - Short Film Share in the day this gorgeous couple tied the knot at the exquisite Florance Guest Farm in Chrissiesmeer. Congratulations A Bravo&Thatcher